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February 10, 2013

An Idea Lost?

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“So I was thinking about something, having these urgent thoughts, and suddenly I had this idea.  But then it’s like I don’t know what happened.  I probably thought something like I’ll think about it later, or something.  Anyway, my thoughts got sidetracked.  And a minute later, I’m thinking to myself, well, what was that idea?  I had forgotten it.  You know then I tried to go back to what I was thinking before that hoping that the idea would follow in a logical sequence.  But it didn’t.”

“I know.  It happens to me too.  I think it happens to everyone.  I’m sure it does.  It’s frustrating.”

“It’s very frustrating.  It’s almost scary, that you could lose what was a part of your mind at one moment, what you were completely focused on for a split second, and then, like less than twenty seconds later, it’s gone.  It’s died on you!”

“It happens when you think too much, I think.  Have you been pulling allnighters again?  Like when you’re up all night, thinking about this and that, or everything, really.  You must have some idea of what the idea was about?”

“I do, I guess… actually no, not really.  It’s like waking up from a dream.  The memory fades rapidly and all you’re left with is an impression of what it was about, or almost nothing.  I know I was thinking about some kind of solution to a problem.  I think the idea was something specific.”

“Thoughts float up and down, up into the consciousness and then back down to the subconscious or unconscious.  They come back, and you think, ah, I recognize that thought, I’ve had it before, it’s come back to me!  Maybe the idea came back to you but you didn’t recognize it as the idea?”

“I don’t know, not for sure.  I don’t think it came back.  I have the sad feeling it’s lost forever.”

“Well, I’m not sure about that.  Maybe the particular context is gone, of that time and place, when and where you had that thought, but perhaps it will come up again in another form.  Whether it ever occurs to you, if it repeats, that that was the idea you forgot is another question.”

“But it’s like, what if the idea was a great idea?  And even if I remember what it was, eventually, I’ve lost all this time!  What if I can never have it again?”

“That’s pessimistic.  Usually, an idea like that is something you suddenly think of that maybe you want to look up, something you don’t know much about perhaps.  You have a curious mind, obviously.  I bet you’re always looking things up.”

“Yeah, maybe, but it feels like it was important, you know, but maybe I’ve exaggerated it, it’s true.”

“I don’t think thinking is that random, not really.  There are things you definitely want to think about and any urgency must logically be about that, things that you feel you need to think about even.  I know it seems like some stray thought came into your mind, which could have been about anything, and then just blew away.  Imagine, if you will, a deterministic flow chart of your thinking.  There must be a certain cause and effect going on.”

“Wow.  I don’t think anyone could monitor their thinking completely.  There just isn’t enough time, for a start.  Thinking about your thinking.”

“And anyway, maybe it was a really bad idea?  By forgetting it, you did yourself a favour!  Maybe, the odds are, it wasn’t that important.”



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