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November 17, 2012

What Does That Mean?

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“I have these dreams where I’m back at school.  It’s like I have an alternate life in that world, where I never left school.  And you know how you know what’s going on in the dream or you think you do?”

“Yes.  I’ve never understood it.  Sometimes you have false memories too, as though such and such had happened, but it never did.  It’s only when you wake up you realize it was false.”

“I know.  The nightmare part is when I keep thinking I’m about to have exams and I don’t remember any of the subjects because obviously I haven’t really been studying any of them anymore.”

“You keep dreaming about school.  What does that mean?”

“Somehow school must have impressed itself on my mind.  I haven’t escaped yet.  But it wasn’t as if I weren’t happy at school.  I was.  University was different.  I’d never felt so alone.  Then I had my solipsistic moment there.  I freaked out at the thought of being totally alone.”

“You’re not.”

“Thank you.  But later on, I mean more recently, I’ve read a lot more, I’ve done a lot more thinking.  I mean, how do you define yourself, what alone is, what a person is?  If someone were very different to all the other people, I could see how they could still be alone, how a lesser version of solipsism could still technically hold.”

“It’s true, if you categorize them as a different set completely.  But it’s false, if you make your definition of what a person is wide enough.  There’s a problem with language.  How you define words depends on your world view, everything that’s happened to you.  I think that’s how a lot of arguments start, over a disagreement on what a word means.  Words and ideas have their own space.  I believe they are something tangible, something material even.  It’s funny how language changes though.  How did words pick up their meaning?  Did something happen or was there a thought and the words that are now used to describe it were just present at the time?”

“You mean the world of events or the world of thoughts collided with the world of words?”

“Right.  Those words just appeared or were heard and used as labels or symbols to define them.”



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